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Technology   As part of Emergency Communications Network’s commitment to providing customers with the highest quality solutions, we manage our entire network not just dialing, but mapping, web hosting, security, etc. And our reliability is second to none, distinguishing our solutions from all other products on the market today. We have a complete and proven understanding of this technology which allows us to innovate in ways other vendors cannot.

Emergency Communications Network provides our clients with many
unique features such as:

  • RealCall® to ensure voice messages are delivered onto answering devices in their entirety
• Universal ANI® to relieve inbound calling pressure
• The Validata® process providing our client communities with cleaner calling lists which in turn lead to more connected calls

Sophisticated network platform and reliable functionality:

  • Massive dialing capacity capable of transmitting millions of messages an hour
• A patented delivery system which ensures voice messages are delivered in their entirety
• Real time reporting available via an easy to use web portal
• A toll-free call back feature to hear the last message delivered to a particular number

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