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CodeRED For IPAWS - The CodeRED for IPAWS service is designed to enable local government officials to send secure, critical communications to their residents.

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In early 2011, ECN worked closely with the Systems Architect on IPAWS and provided the first interface that could successfully post messages to IPAWS that same year. The CodeRED IPAWS system was demonstrated by FEMA officials at the International Association of Emergency Managers in Las Vegas, Nev. in 2011.

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The CodeRED for IPAWS service is designed specifically to enable local government officials to send secure, critical communications to their residents, providing the ability to deliver Presidential Alerts, Imminent Threat Alerts and AMBER Alerts from a single portal to communication pathways that include Emergency Alert System, Wireless Emergency Alert and National Weather Service Dissemination Systems.

Client access into IPAWS submission is already functioning and available with the immediate ability to issue critical public alerts and warnings for authorized COGs. If you are an authorized COG and are interested in accessing CodeRED IPAWS functionality, please contact a CodeRED sales representative by calling 866-939-0911.

The CodeRED Integrated Public Alert Warning System (IPAWS) system was recently tested at the Incident Management Test and Evaluation Laboratory in Somerset, KY through the FEMA P-TAC Center in support of the Supporting Technology Evaluation Project (STEP). Test engineers found the CodeRED IPAWS system conforms to Common Alerting Protocol v1.2 Standard USA IPAWS Profile v1.0.

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