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High-Speed Notification - The cornerstone of emergency preparedness plans, the system is used for a variety of communications functions.


Administration Health

• General Information
• Disaster/Major Event Follow-up
• Severe Weather Warnings
  (floods, hurricanes, tsunamis)

• Drinking Water Contamination
• Flu Pandemics
• Viral Outbreaks

Emergency Management Law Enforcement
Emergency Management

• Chemical Spills
• Nuclear Hazards
• Terrorist Threats
• Mudslides
• Snow Emergencies (avalanches)
  Law Enforcement

• Missing Children
• Missing Elderly, Disabled or At Risk Adults
• Bomb Threats
• Hostage Situations
• Escaped Prisoner Warnings
• Sexual Predator Alerts
• Neighborhood Crime Watch Support
CodeRED Integrated Public Alert Warning
   System (IPAWS) system

Elected Officials Public Works
Elected Officials

• Get Out and Vote
• Community Meeting Information
  Public Works

• Planned Outages
• Snow Plowings
• Street Closures
• Dam/Levy Breaks

Fire Internal Communications

• Evacuation Notices and Routes
• HAZMAT Emergencies
• Gas Leaks
  Internal Communications

• First Responder Notifications
• Official Comment Direction
• Critical Incident Call Out

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