SmartNotice is an emergency mass notification system designed for energy and utility organizations as a streamlined, easy to use tool to enhance staff notification and customer communication. Available 24/7/365 from any Internet-enabled device, authorized users access the SmartNotice Web-based system and tap into ECN’s reliable and redundant infrastructure to send critical and routine notifications in minutes.


SmartNotice gives authorized users the ability to send on-demand emergency notifications by telephone calls, text messages, emails and more, and the ability for users to create and pre-schedule routine messages to designated contacts to deliver at a pre-determined date and time. The system provides enhanced contact targeting capabilities to ensure your message is being delivered to the right audience every time. Real-time reporting shows the performance of each message for operational awareness.



The SmartNotice system features an easy to use, step-by step system to send emergency notifications for staff including IT incident response, as well as blackouts, brownouts, outage response alerts, bill reminders, boil water alerts, and advisories and more as a sophisticated but simple tool for customer communications. The hosted SmartNotice system provides highly reliable, on-demand, hosted notification services for energy and utility organizations.

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