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SmartNotice, a service of Emergency Communications Network (ECN), is a custom communication platform for businesses that enhances both internal and external communication and strengthens relationships with key stakeholders and staff using an easy to use, Web-based platform.

SmartNotice provides integrated corporate communications across varied platforms including phone, text and email. Communications are guaranteed to launch faster than any other provider on the market because the system is run on ECN’s robust infrastructure— a valued component of any corporate crisis communication plan.

SmartNotice critical success factors:

  • Data management – A highly customized user interface allows for seamless data uploads. An expert client support representative will be available to provide assistance importing the data and can be reached at any time to address questions or concerns.
  • Crisis communication – Rapidly communicate critical information including security threats, lockdowns and severe weather conditions that may impact business operations to employees, investors and the media.
  • Targeted communication– Easily categorize stakeholders, clients and staff into unique contact groups to ensure targeted message delivery.
  • Quick contact – During a launched call, instantly connect key audiences with live support to immediately resolve business matters.
  • Pre-scheduled or automated communications – Save time by pre-recording routine communications using an interactive voice recorder.
  • International capability –International dialing and SMS are ideal for businesses who regularly communicate messages to areas outside of the United States.

SmartNotice is designed to fit the unique needs of any business communication plan. To learn more about this sophisticated notification system, call a SmartNotice Sales Representative by dialing toll-free 866-939-0911.

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