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Targeted Messaging

The SmartNotice solution gives authorized users the ability to send messages to targeted groups in a list-based approach, ensuring the right contacts are receiving the right message, every time. Drill down by contact qualifiers including languages spoken, department or expertise.


Data Integration

The SmartNotice system easily integrates with HR databases and other sources where contact information is stored for seamless data loading and maintenance. ECN employs full time database experts to ensure your contact lists are up to date, void of duplicate entries and contains working telephone numbers. Data management is our worry, not yours.

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Secure Messaging

The SmartNotice system gives you the confidence to send messages securely, giving the user the option to require a pin code to access the message before it is played. This is helpful when delivering sensitive or secure alerts, preventing unauthorized users from having access.

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Team Building

Need to quickly fill a shift? Create call-outs and fill schedule quotas in seconds. SmartNotice’s Team Builder feature has real-time reporting, giving organizations immediate access to responses to enhance organizational interoperability.


Automated Weather Alerting

Included in every SmartNotice system is the ability to automatically contact staff of severe weather. Automated severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service take the pressure off of any organization by delivering voice calls, text messages and emails to staff that are in the direct path of a tornado, severe thunderstorm, flash flood, winter storm or even tsunami.

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