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mass notification system


Recent threats to school campuses including shootings, destructive weather events and violence have required schools the ability to quickly and easily communicate safety information to prevent the loss of life and ensure protection of everyone on campus. Beyond emergency notification, educators need a way to keep students, faculty, parents, and staff informed of routine announcements to ensure open communication and regular updates.

mass notification system


ECN’s mass notification system for education, including for K-12 communities and college campuses, allows authorized administrators to easily alert students, faculty and staff by telephone calls, text messages, emails, digital signage, RSS feeds and more. The system allows the delivery of campus wide messaging in minutes, or to specific groups of faculty and staff for internal use. Easy contact management tools ensure the right groups of people are receiving the appropriate message, every time. When seconds count, ECN’s notification systems deliver your messages faster than any other vendor in the market.

mass notification system


Educators rely on ECN solutions for emergency alerting for students, staff and parents, including active shooter, bomb threats and intruders. The mass notification system can be used to deliver school closures due to weather and transportation delays. For day-to-day notifications, the system delivers automated attendance calls and reminders, enrollment notifications, and meeting reminders.