Recent news reports of major data breaches have highlighted the need for financial services security team to strengthen their communication efforts with employees, customers and other stakeholders. All organizations, whether large or small, are susceptible to such attacks and financial leaders are being held more accountable to ensure the right technology is in place to inform the appropriate parties in a secure and timely approach. Beyond emergencies, notification systems help keep staff informed, increasing connectivity for critical and routine business matters.


The SmartNotice mass notification system gives insurance companies, brokerage houses, banks, accounting firms, law firms, credit unions and other financial services organizations an easy to use and reliable platform to reach staff and customers in minutes to ensure continuity of operations.


Banks, credit unions, insurance companies, investment companies and more use the SmartNotice system for emergency alerting to staff and stakeholders. Emergency alerts include financial fraud, attempted or actual burglary, IT alerting, security threats and data or privacy breaches. Routine notifications including marketing promotions keeps customers informed. Automated weather alerting keeps staff informed of impending severe weather to identify potential business impacts.

System Demonstration

We invite you to learn more about SmartNotice and how it can streamline communications within your organization. This informational session will cover a brief overview of the system, including a demonstration of its capabilities. This webinar is intended ONLY for human resources, emergency management, emergency coordinators, security, communication directors and professionals, operations and other management officials looking to implement a mass notification system within their finance organization. Register for an upcoming demonstration.