Mass Notification System

On-Site Hardware System Purchase

ECN offers a turnkey solution to own and maintain your own CodeRED mass notification system. All hardware and software is located at your location, where it is connected with telephone lines that reside on-site. The system can be used as often as needed without limits.

Mass Notification System

On-Site Remote

All CodeRED hardware, software and telephone lines are located at ECN’s triple redundant server sites and are maintained by ECN. Clients may access and send emergency notifications by phone call or online.

Mass Notification System

On-Site System Purchase with Capacity on Demand

Own your own CodeRED emergency mass notification system, as well as access to ECN’s massive dialing infrastructure to deliver critical, large-scale notifications. Once installed, the system can be used dynamically on a per-notification basis. This option may be added to an on-site system purchase.

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