Technology has outpaced the need for traditional phone trees, intercom systems and manual dialing when you need to communicate with health care personnel. Keep staff connected with an affordable, easy to use and secure mass notification solution to securely deliver targeted messages to focus on patient care.

To learn more about how ECN is helping health care providers prepare for and respond to emergencies, download our white paper –  Complying with CMS’ emergency preparedness rule: Implementing an effective communications plan.


The SmartNotice mass notification system gives health care administrators the ability to quickly send text, email, voice, RSS, and desktop notifications to select groups of staff for immediate alerting. Reoccurring notifications can be scheduled in advanced for the system to automatically deliver messages at a designated date and time to select contacts.


The SmartNotice mass notification system can notify the entire facility during an emergency within seconds. Health care organizations rely on SmartNotice to fill nursing shifts, notify on-call staff, send meeting reminders and remind staff of benefits enrollment. SmartNotice can also be used as a text notification system, allowing a group text message to be sent in seconds to avoid disruption.

System Demonstration

We invite you to learn more about SmartNotice and how it can streamline communications within your organization. This informational session will cover a brief overview of the system, including a demonstration of its capabilities. This webinar is intended ONLY for human resources, emergency management, emergency coordinators, security, communication directors and professionals, operations and other management officials looking to implement a mass notification system for their health care organization. Register for an upcoming demonstration.