Changes in regulations, compliance and deployment needs have highlighted the need for manufacturing organizations to have a tool to effectively communicate with staff and stakeholders. By adopting lean methodologies for notification, manufacturing organizations can ensure clear, concise communications across all divisions to drive efficiency.


The SmartNotice mass notification system allows departments to remain in constant contact with one another to prevent delays in production and other missed deadlines for revenue opportunity. The use of SmartNotice for internal communication is part of a strong lean setup, helping any manufacturing company become more productive. The SmartNotice mass notification solution reliably delivers on-the-fly or scheduled voice calls, text messages and emails to targeted contacts.


Chemical plants, refineries, petrochemical providers and electronics firms rely on the SmartNotice mass notification system. The system can be used for alerting staff and stakeholders of weather closures, supply chain disruptions, workplace accidents, safety drill reminders and product recalls. SmartNotice can also be used for routine announcements, including company updates, meeting reminders and events.

System Demonstration

We invite you to learn more about SmartNotice and how it can streamline communications within your organization. This informational session will cover a brief overview of the system, including a demonstration of its capabilities. This webinar is intended ONLY for human resources, emergency management, emergency coordinators, security, communication directors and professionals, operations and other management officials looking to implement a mass notification system within their manufacturing organization. Register for an upcoming demonstration.