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mass notification system


Communication is required between various levels of personnel during day-to-day operations to keep military and civilian personnel informed. A secure and reliable mass communications system is needed to ensure the delivery of critical and routine announcements, with advanced reporting for documentation for appropriate follow up and response. ECN provides a fully customizable, easy to use high-speed mass notification system that guides the user through the message initiation process one step at a time. The system was designed to be used under pressure, in the most strenuous of situations. With military and defense organizations, seconds count and may make the difference between life or death during emergencies.

mass notification system


ECN provides a military communication alerts system designed to improve communications of defense and intelligence organizations. An effective emergency notification tool, ECN reliably delivers voice, text, and email messages on a secure, triple redundant infrastructure ensuring messages are delivered without fail. Clients use ECN technology to deliver critical, time-sensitive emergency alerts to the entire emergency database, or to select groups or individuals to target messaging to only those personnel affected. Each contact within the database can be easily classified by rank, languages spoken or other categories. ECN’s mass notification system can be accessed on any Internet-enabled device. The ECN Launcher app gives users the ability to initiate messages directly from their smartphone devices with cellular service enabled.

mass notification system


ECN’s mass notification system can be used as an internal notification tool to remind personnel of staff meetings, unit meetings and brown-bag lunches. As an emergency notification tool, ECN technology is used for personnel recall, personnel accountability, emergency management operations and to improve communication between agencies for enhanced interagency communication. In addition to delivering messages through traditional communication methods, the system can also integrate with any IP-based technology including digital signs and sirens, as well as deliver desktop notifications.