Property owners and managers need an affordable, easy to use and reliable method to reach tenants, employees, contractors and other stakeholders. Documentation is critical to reduce risk and increase accountability when it comes to sending and tracking communications. Manually sending a single email or fax can be cumbersome when needing to reach more than a single individual with an important message.


The SmartNotice mass notification system allows property owners and managers to communicate in real-time to send personal communications by phone call, text message, email and more using an easy to use, Web-based interface. To ensure the right message reaches the right contacts, the system has easy targeting tools to drill down and deliver messages to contacts with certain characteristics. Because the system is intuitive and easy to use, little training is required to operate the SmartNotice system making it an effective tool for emergency calling and for routine announcements. To ensure accountability, the SmartNotice system features message tracking reports to determine who receives the notification, at what time and their response.


Malls, high rise buildings, mixed use properties, HOAs, retirement communities, assisted living facilities, and more rely on the SmartNotice mass notification system to notify tenants of time-sensitive alerts including closures, delays, missing persons, theft, evacuation and road closures. Non-critical system uses may include scheduled maintenance, meeting reminders and special events.

System Demonstration

We invite you to learn more about SmartNotice and how it can streamline communications within your organization. This informational session will cover a brief overview of the system, including a demonstration of its capabilities. This webinar is intended ONLY for human resources, emergency management, emergency coordinators, security, communication directors and professionals, operations and other management officials looking to implement a mass notification system within their organization. Register for an upcoming demonstration.