emergency notification system


To successfully deliver emergency notifications, ECN has built, owns and maintains our own calling infrastructure that features thousands of ports. Less than 2% of the CodeRED emergency notification system’s capacity is used on average. ECN proactively increases capacity to ensure enough resources for all of our clients during periods of peak activity.

emergency notification system

Network Reliability

ECN has invested millions of dollars in our infrastructure to ensure services are available 24/7/365 without fail, anywhere and at any time. Because lives are at stake, ECN built self-healing triple redundant infrastructure on each of the major US power grids ensuring high service availability and reliability.

emergency notification system

End-To-End Manageability

The CodeRED emergency notification system delivers a high level of operational manageability and serviceability to increase the efficiency of emergency operation centers. Fail-safe mechanisms in place within the system ensure message configuration is verified and the appropriate message is being delivered within the intended geographic area. Real-time statistics allows administrators to stay aware of the system’s operation when a notification is in process.