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mass notification system


Transportation organizations need a reliable mass notification system in place to communicate incidents and restore operations as quickly and safely as possible. The fast pace of transportation services has busy commuters expecting to receive timely, accurate and reliable information in the palm of their hand from a trusted source  to avoid inconveniences when traveling. An effective notification solution can provide easy communication with staff, travelers and local residents all at once during emergencies, or for routine messages.

mass notification system


The SmartNotice mass notification system connects transportation organizations with their staff, stakeholders and the public through telephone calls, text messages, emails and more. Authorized users have the ability to create and schedule predetermined routine messages, such as payment reminders, and can quickly send on-the-fly critical communications during serious or dangerous weather conditions that may affect travel times. Real-time reports provide detailed information about who receives the notification, at what time and their response.

mass notification system


SmartNotice can be a powerful tool for departments of transportation, port authorities, cruise lines, airports, railroads and other transportation organizations to quickly contact their staff and customers regarding time sensitive alerts including emergencies and disasters. The system is also ideal for routine business notifications including reminders of payment due, scheduled delays or route changes. Each SmartNotice system includes severe weather alerting to keep staff safe and informed to initiate any emergency procedures required. The hosted SmartNotice system provides highly reliable, on-demand, hosted notification services for any transportation service.

mass notification system

System Demonstration

We invite you to learn more about SmartNotice and how it can streamline communications within your organization. This informational session will cover a brief overview of the system, including a demonstration of its capabilities. This webinar is intended ONLY for human resources, emergency management, emergency coordinators, security, communication directors and professionals, operations and other management officials looking to implement a mass notification system for their organization. Register for an upcoming demonstration. 

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